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A Hands-On Approach

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Bowen Therapy


Our Bowen Therapist


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Vivian Hildebrandt

Bowen Therapist


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Q: What is Bowen Therapy?

A: Bowen Therapy is hands-on healthcare. The theraist applies a series of gentle rolling movements over precisely located sites on the body. These movements serve to signal the body to remember how to heal a variety of health issues.


Q: What does it do?

A: Bowen Therapy provides gentle and prfoundly effective signals to the brain for healing and recovery through the stimulation of special receptors in the tendons, muscles and ligaments of the body. These stimuli result in deep relaxation, resetting of muscular tension and range of motion, lymph drainage, pain and inflammation relief.


Q: How long does a session last?

A: A Bowen Therapy session lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, with the client resting comfortably on a massage table.


Q: How often and how many times will I need treatment?

A: Initially 3 Bowen sessions are scheduled approximately 7 days apart. Clients usually see significant improvement within these three sessions. Additional sessions are scheduled at least a week apart as needed, with most conditions resolving within 3 - 8 sessions.


Q: What are the main objectives of Bowen Therapy?

A: Bowen helps the body remember how to heal. The specific objectives may vary, but there is always focus on relaxation, reduction of the "fight or flight" response, and engagement of the body's perfect pattern memory for the area that is in pain, contracted or otherwise out of healthy balance.


Q: What are some of the conditions that Bowen Therapy addresses?

A: Abdominal pain                          Abdominal distention

     ADHD                                           Angina

     Ankle and foot disorders          Autism

     Back pain                                     Bed wetting

     Bell's Palsy                                   Breast lumps

     Bunions                                        Carpal Tunnel

     Child Behavioural                       Chest Pains

     Cluster Headaches                     Coccyx Pain

     Colic                                              Constipation

     Digestive Issues                          Diaphragm Pain

     Deafness                                      Ear Problems

     Emphysema                                Groin pulls/pain

     Gastritis                                       Gallbladder Pain

     Hammer Toes                             Headaches

     Hiatal Hernia                               Incontinence

     Infertility                                      Influenza

     Jaw & TMJ Issues                         Knee issues

     Migraines                                     Neck Issues

     Pelvic Issues                                Pre- and post- surgical

     Pregnancy Issues                       Prostate Issues

     Sacral Pain                                   Sciatic Pain

     Scoliosis                                       Shin Splints

     Sinus Pain & Congestion           Sleep Disorders

     Stroke Recovery                          Rib & Sternal Injury

     Tennis Elbow                               Tinnitus

     Vertigo                                          Uterine Prolapse


Q: Is Bowen Therapy safe?

A: Bowen is appropriate for all ages and stages of health from newborns to the most frail and elderly, for the extremely fit and the sedentary or debilitated. Bowen Therapy is so gentle in application, partnering with the body to achieve healing, not working against it, so there is no possibility of harm.


Q: How is Bowen Therapy different from traditional bodywork?

A: Bowen Therapy is distinguished by its effectivelness in very few sessions. It does not hurt and can bring permanent relief rapidly. The work is performed with the client lying on a massage table. The practitioner uses their thumbs and index fingers to apply the rolling movements over the muscles and tendons, while the client remains clothed. No oils or lotions are used.


Q: What is the innate healing capacity of the body?

A: The innate healing capacity is the powerful combination of the body systems responsible for tissue repair, nutrition, waste disposal, muscle length and tension, nerve health and blood flow.


Q: Why hasn't this capacity worked on my problem?

A: The innate healing capacity can be side tracked due to injury, overuse, stress or continuing imbalance in the body. These can reslut in a local "disconnect" from normal healing and recovery functions.


Q: What is a Bowen Therapy "move"?

A: Bowen Therapy uses specific sequences of short, gentle, precisely located rolling motions of the thumbs or fingers over specific structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves) of the body. Each series of movements is followed by pauses of 2 - 20 minutes that allow the body to integrate each stage of the work.


Q: Why are there so few touches to the body?

A: Bowen uses fewer touches because of the precision used with their application. Like a diamond cutter using one blow to create the gem out of a stone, Bowen Therapy gets the most out of each touch.



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