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A Hands-On Approach

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Raymond Gonzalez, B.Sc., DOMP

Manual Osteopath


Raymond has a unique approach to Human Performance and Recovery as he takes a very 3-Dimensional approach to treatment and training. Raymond is a Manual Osteopath and Performance specialist that focuses on function, human condition and how everything in the body is very interconnected. Ray has years of training in the fields of Manual Therapy, Biomechanics and Nutrition.


I have worked with individuals from all walks of life from chronic pain patients to professional athletes and specialize in Biomechanics and Recovery. My goal is to help individuals discover the best versions of themselves and live a pain free life.


In his spare time, he enjoys training, hiking, being a foodie and spending time with his wife, son and two dogs.



Raymond's Credentials:

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Diploma in Manual Osteopathy

NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

ISSA – Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1

Cupping Level 1

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Electrotherapy Certified (TENS/NMES/IFC)

Kinesiology taping (Spidertech)

Rapid Neurofascial Reset Upper

Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1

Can Fit Pro Certified

Alkaline Wellness Coach

Current study (Diploma in Holistic Nutrition)


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