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Custom Foot Orthotics



At Norfolk Chiropractic Wellness Centre, we offer high quality custom foot orthotics for a wide variety conditions. If you require custom orthotics, one of our knowledgeable doctors will perform a comprehensive gait analysis & biomechanical foot assessment to determine your therapeutic necessity for orthotics. They will provide a specific diagnosis for your condition, and if necessary, a prescription for your orthotics. Following the casting procedure (digital scan), your orthotics will be manufactured by specialists at Ontario Orthotics Lab, leaders in the production of high quality custom foot appliances. 



What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are orthopedic devices used to modify or correct foot mechanics and help maintain proper foot function. They are designed to adjust, correct and support various biomechanical foot conditions.

The most effective type of orthotic devices are “custom-made” orthotics crafted to meet the specific needs of a particular individual or patient. At our clinic, custom-made orthotics are created using a 3-dimensional impression of the foot called a cast, which is digitally provided to orthotic specialists at Ontario Orthotics Lab, where they manufacture device specifically for you.


Who can benefit from Orthotics?

Anyone with poor foot mechanics or biomechanical dysfunction of the feet can benefit from custom orthotics. Orthotics can correct a variety of biomechanical foot problems and alleviate many common foot conditions causing pain or discomfort. Properly designed and manufactured custom made orthotics can benefit people of all ages (from children to adults) suffering from almost any kind of musculoskeletal pain syndrome including foot pain, knee, ankle, hip, or low back pain as well a number of other posture and alignment related disorders.


There are many common conditions and symptoms that can indicate poor foot mechanics. These include but are not limited to the following:


* Chronic heel pain (ie. Plantar fasciitis) * Achilles tendonitis/tendinosis
* Bunion formation (Hallux Valgus) * Knee, hip or low back pain
* Fallen arches (flat feet) * Frequent ankle sprains
* Anatomical leg length discrepancies

* Shin pain (ie. shin splints)

* Abnormal shoe wear (e.g., one side of the sole of the shoe            wears out faster than the other)

* Gait abnormalities (e.g., feet point inward or   excessively outward during walking)


Orthotic Accommodative Footwear

While our clinic does offer patients the ability to purchase “off the shelf” footwear to accommodate their custom orthotics, any footwear purchased will be done separately from any custom orthotic orders, and none of the cost of any “orthotic accommodative footwear” will be included in the price of the custom orthotics.


Note: Insurance providers do not typically cover the cost of  off the shelf footwear and patients should check their individual policy to determine if orthotic accommodative footwear is covered by their specific plan.




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