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Naturopathic Care

New Patient Paperwork


If you are a new Naturopathic patient to our clinic, you are required to complete a Health History Intake form prior to your initial visit.  If you have already booked your visit you should have received a Welcome Email with instructions on how to complete your Intake Information online for your visit. If you do not have email access, please complete the appropriate form below (Adult or Pediatric) and return your intake forms to the office a minimum of 24 hours before to your appointment so the doctor can review them prior to your visit.

Adult Health History Intake Form - age 14 & up
Pediatric Health History Intake Form - age 13 & under


Norfolk Blog



Nov 2022

4 Ways to Support Your Well-Being as We Transition into Winter Months

by Marnie Kerr

Winter months bring many joyful activities, such as the holiday season, playing in the snow, or the cozy feeling of coming inside and enjoying a warm drink after being out in the cold all day. However, for some individuals, the wi... Read More >>


Oct 2022

Benefits of Gratitude + 5 Tips to Grow Your Practice

by Norfolk Wellness Blog Contributor

Gratitude is a way for people to appreciate what they have in life instead of focusing on what they’re lacking. Our brains are designed to problem solve rather than appreciate. We must override this design to reap the benefi... Read More >>


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