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Chiropractic Fees & Payment Policies



(updated Sept 2022)


Our Chiropractic fees are based on current Ontario Chiropractic Association guidelines.  Special rates are available for students, seniors, and children. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard, and Interac. Payment is due in advance or after each office visit.  For your convenience, "pre-payment options" are available. Ask the staff for details on how this may save you money!

Chiropractic Adjustments


Initial Visit

Initial Consultation $40.00
Initial Examination $65.00
Initial Visit Total (includes initial treatment, if applicable) $105.00

Second Visit

Report of Findings -  $95.00
Includes Adjustment and X-ray Reading (interpretation and report - if necessary)  
Second Visit Total (includes treatment, if applicable) $95.00

Subsequent Visits

Adult $50.00 - $70.00
Senior $46.00 - $66.00
Student $46.00 - $66.00
Children (12 yrs.+ under) $40.00 - $70.00


Adjunctive Therapy: (Other Treatment)



Myofascial Release Therapy (Soft Tissue Therapy) $25.00
Electrotherapy/TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) $25.00
Cryotherapy (Heat or Ice) $10.00
Traction Therapy
  • Cervical Traction Therapy
  • Lumbar Traction Therapy (Flexion-Distraction Therapy)



Laser Therapy $50.00
Shockwave Therapy $120.00


Other Services



*Progress Evaluations $35.00
Gait Analysis & Biomechanical Foot Evaluation (for Custom Orthotics) $35.00
Reports (Legal Reports, Motor Vehicle Accident claims, WSIB etc...) $40.00
Consultation $35.00
X-Ray Reading $40.00


*Progress Evaluations are done at regular intervals to ensure that your care is progressing and that you are achieving the results we expect.  These will consist of a 15 minute functional re-assessment of the tests performed on your initial visit, which may include a Computerized Nerve Scan if applicable, and the results will be explained to you upon completion.  





Forms of Payment

We accept Cash, Interac, personal cheque, Visa, and MasterCard.



Payment is due in advance or after each office visit.


Extended Health Care Insurance

Most employee benefit plans offer 80% - 100% coverage for Natural Health Care services including Acupuncture. Please check your insurance plan for the details of your coverage. If you have insurance coverage you are expected to pay for your services at the time of each visit and send your claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Receipts and account statements are available upon request for submission to your insurance provider.


Missed Appointments

When patients miss appointments without proper notice, it negatively affects several people. You (the patient) miss out on treatment that is going to aid your recovery, but it also impacts the doctor who has reserved that time for you, and the person who could have otherwise been able to have that appointment for their care. As a result, patients that provide less than 24 hours notice for cancellation MAY be charged a Late Cancellation fee, and patients who miss their appointment all together without notice WILL be charged a Missed Appointment Fee equivalent to 50% of the fee for the scheduled visit.


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