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Meet Harold Duggan, RMT

Have you met our newest team member yet? We are excited to have Harold Duggan, RMT on board. Harold's bio follows below. To book an appointment with Harold, please call the office at 519-827-0040.


Harold Duggan M.A., R.M.T is a recent graduate of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Canada's oldest Massage Therapy school. He is trained in Swedish Massage techniques as well as advanced massage techniques. Although Harold uses the complete range of skills he was trained in. depending upon the client and situation, he aims to move into broad deep slow moving pressure. The intention of this to stretch fascia and muscles, and to introduce movement into joints. Massage induces many health benefits: decreased pain, improved circulation, increased range of motion, and most importantly an increase in your ability to enjoy living. Harold looks forward to working in a planned fashion toward your long term goals, or to simply bring some much needed relaxation into your day.


Harold is currently training with the Toronto School of Thai Massage. Historically, Thai is a massage style that is approximately 2500 years old, originating in India and then adopted by the people of what is now Thailand. It precedes any documentation of Yoga Asanas beyond a small variety of seated positions and tree pose. For this reason Harold refers to it by the name Traditional Thai Massage, rather than the recent name Thai Yoga Massage. The aim of Thai Massage is to use a variety of techniques to  encourage fascia restrictions to open. Once this occurs, muscles are free to come to their optimal length and health. While Thai Massage methods are quite different than Swedish Massage, it is extremely effective at bringing about all the same health benefits.

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March 1, 2024
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April 13, 2023
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