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Five Common Symptoms That Might Actually Be Anxiety

Anxiety is a funny thing, while most people think of it in terms of worry and excessive thoughts, many manifestations of anxiety are very physical. In fact, especially for men, these may be the only or primary symptom. These symptoms can be caused by many things, and it’s always important to look at physiologic as well as psychologic causes, however, anxiety, especially in men, can get overlooked as the cause despite the fact it is very common. And so with that, here are 5 Common Symptoms that might actually be anxiety.



Trouble sleeping sucks, and it’s tempting to write off insomnia as well, insomnia, but if the reason you can’t sleep is actually anxiety, treating the anxiety is a more effective way to get you better sleep. So if you tried melatonin and “it didn’t work for you” it’s probably not treating the cause of your anxiety. Herbs that calm the mind and ease anxiety are much more likely to help you sleep that even herbs that are for sleep if your insomnia is because of anxiety.



Anxiety can make all kinds of pain worse but headaches are a special kind of overlap because it’s so easy to overlook. I find that headaches from anxiety are often diagnosed as tension headaches, which although not untrue, leaves out a possible treatment option. If your tension headaches are not responding to usual therapy, consider that natural anxiety treatments may be helpful at reducing headache pain.


Having to go...

Running to the bathroom because your bowels are going to betray you is no fun. It’s even less fun when it makes it hard to leave the house. Here is the thing, it may not be “IBS” and even when it is, it still may be anxiety (a LOT of people have both). Treating the anxiety calms the nervous system, including the enteric nervous system which is in charge of making you “go”.


Having to go (the other one)

Perhaps not quite as distressing as having to run for the bathroom, having to pee ALL THE TIME is still super inconvenient. When the usual concerns (like infection and prostate issues) have been ruled out, its time to rule out anxiety before you just label your bladder as irritable too!


Trouble Breathing (Even just when working out)

Everybody knows that difficulty breathing can be related to anxiety, but most people think of it as panic attacks and not being able to breathe. In fact, exercise intolerance, or having trouble breathing when working out, is common in anxiety and can be overcome with a combination of physical and psychological support!


The thing about all these anxiety symptoms is that they have an alternate treatment option. By treating the underlying anxiety (when present) you are treating the CAUSE of the symptom, not just suppressing the symptom itself.


If you are ready to find the root cause of your symptoms click on this link to book your complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Katie.



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Marnie Kerr
March 1, 2024
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April 13, 2023
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